Privacy Policy


HABO (“HABO” or “We” or “Us” or “Web” or “App”) has written this Privacy Policy with concern to our high respects of the confidentiality and privacy of any and all information customers have provided to us during the course of browsing, making a reservation and making a purchase. Customer (“Customer” or “You”) agrees that by accessing our website and/or providing information on our Web, you are agreeing to and accepting this Privacy Policy as well as the terms and conditions for our web and app.



You hereby acknowledge and agree that, for the purpose of completing your reservation and purchasing, we, HABO, generally collect your personal data that is necessary and required in order to fulfil the transaction and store some unidentifiable information for business. Such data we collect may be provided directly from you, the traveler, or provided by the person making the reservation for you. Personal data we will collect and store including but not limited to.

1) your personal information such as name, gender, date of birth, identification number, passport number, your health and medical conditions.

2) your contact information such as your residential address, email address, phone number, emergency contact details.

3) your payment information, in which we collect at the time of purchase and will not be stored on our servers.

4) your travel information and records such as your room, cruise type, itinerary, length of stay, period of travel and your destination in the past and in the future.

5) your preference and your travel patterns.

6) your interaction with our website and our communication emails.

7) your account details for the purpose of the Royalty Program.



Your personal data information we collect may be used for the purposes as followed:

1) to provide you with the services you request such as creating your account, processing and fulfilling your reservation and confirming your reservation.

2) to contact you which may be via text message or email. We may contact you for the purposes of:

  • sending your booking number and details.
  • sending you a reminder of your upcoming trip.
  • sending you a review and rating email after your travelling.
  • sending you our marketing communications and special offers.

3) to make improvements and maintenance to our services, facilities, web and app.

4) to facilitate entry and immigration procedures.

5) to contact your emergency person you provide to us in any emergency cases.

6) to process payments and accounting related tasks such as invoicing, accounting record and auditing.

7) to be used in respect to legal purposes when required such as by authorizations, custom and immigration agencies or law enforcements.



HABO may not disclose, share or publicize your personally identifiable information to any third parties with no purposes relating to completing your reservation and purchase without your written consent, however, we may disclose your personal information to law enforcement agencies and government for security, customs and immigration purposes, our lawyers and legal advisors for establishing or defending our legal right.

Your HABO account, username and password belong to you. You are solely responsible for keeping your account private and keeping your password secured from any unauthorized parties in order to ensure that all information remains private and confidential.

However, we cannot, do not and shall not make guarantee that any breaches will never happen, and you acknowledge and agree that we cannot be held responsible or liable for any breaches or unauthorized access to or use of your information.



We will retain customer personal information, excluding credit card details, that we collect during the course of making reservation and purchasing.

However, customer shall be noted that we do retain some data in order to know our customer’s preference and to collect statistics data so that we can make improvements to our service accordingly, but such information would be anonymized before making further usage so that you can no longer be identified from it.  

Apart from personal information retention, we will also retain your reservation and purchase history so that we can tailor product suggestions and advertisements on the web that match with your preferences and interests.   



We use cookie to remember you, in order that we can facilitate your use of our site and your reservation by helping you enter your information, and also to collect and store your trace on our App and Web usage. 

With cookie, we collect and use information about you and your usage of our App, including but not limited to user information and user preference for our own internal purposes such as analyzing usage of the App and marketing purpose only to improve our products, services and user experiences.



By accepting this policy, you acknowledge and agree that the we may use your personal information to contact you for marketing communications and marketing analytics including but not limited to news updates, price offers and special deals, and for marketing analytic purposes. The purpose for this is to offer you new experiences and optimize the quality of our services. 

Should you wish to opt out of receiving marketing communications from us, you can do at any time by using the “Unsubscribe” link in each email or communication, or through your HABO account (if you have one), or by not checking in the checkbox when you make a booking. Please be noted that, we keep our customer emails confidential for our own internal purposes and we do not share or sell our mailing list with any other parties.

Please also be noted that the confirmation emails and text messages containing your booking information that sent after the booking, as well as review emails sent for you to rate the services that sent after the departure are not marketing messages. These messages are part of your service reservation process and you will not be able to opt out of receiving these messages.



Our website may provide you with links to other websites for your convenience and information. Whilst this Privacy Policy will protect your personal information on our website, we cannot control the policies of other sites we may link to, or the use of any personal information you may share with them. When you are on that site, you are subjected to that site’s privacy policy and provisions, therefore, we highly suggest that you shall read and understand their privacy policy before providing any of your information with them.   



In order to fulfil travel arrangements and reservations for customers and travelers, it will in most cases required by necessities to share data and information to third parties including but not limited to travel suppliers such as reservation services and service providers such as insurance, activity providers and payment gateway provider. Personal Data shall only be transferred to, or processed by, third party companies where such companies are necessary for the fulfillment of travel arrangements.

Regarding to your information security, we provide appropriate protection for such sharing as required by applicable law to prohibit third parties from making use of your information for any other purposes other than fulfilling travel arrangement and reservations. Also, third parties are prohibited from disclosing or publicizing your information unless required or permitted by applicable law, or received any written consents from customer whose information is collected.       



The Author (“HABO”) reserves the right to revise, modify and update these Privacy Policy in whole or in part at any time for any reasons with notice to user. User will be notified from notification on the App or on Web stating that this Privacy Policy has been changed. Such modified policy shall supercede this Privacy Policy and shall become binding when published online. Your continued usage of HABO will mean you accept those changes. 



If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, please contact us via email at [email protected], or by sending a registered letter to the address at:

91/4 Soi Anumanrachathon, 

Decho Road, Suriyawong, 

Bangrak, Bangkok 

Thailand 10500